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Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Tile Designs

Tile is one of those products that was just made for a bathroom space. Glazed tiles can be made from porcelain or ceramics and all come together in the bathroom to create a unique and interesting design that’s waterproof to boot. With so many shapes, sizes, colors and textures, it’s no wonder choosing a design theme for your bathroom tiles can be a tough job. Use these bathroom tile design ideas and you’ll be sure to get the prefect bathroom tile design that you’ll love for years to come.


Making a Blueprint of Bathroom Tile Designs

Because so many bathroom tiles vary in shape and size, it’s in your best interests to create a rough sketch up of your bathroom tile space so that you can better contrast and compare tile sizes to the actual dimensions of your space. Take a tape measure and record all of the details onto the rough sketch. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as the dimensions are accurate. Record height, length and width of all the walls and floors spaces where tile will be installed. This way, you can be prepared and know which tile will fit and which tile will look awkward in your bathroom design, and all right on the showroom floor or website. 


Bathroom Tile Designs



A listello can add a touch of class and elegance in your tile bathroom design. A listello is a thin band of tile that is added to the conventional set of tile in a horizontal band around the walls. This decorative tile is typically matched with a similar hue or color and etched to create a decorative inlay. The listello can be added to contrast with the tiles as well, creating a retro look in the bathroom tile design. A listello can also be a neutral tone that matches the tile, while the relief that is etched into the surface is the main decoration in the design.


Basket Weave

A basket weave tile is a great way to add a boarder of color and contrast to any bathroom tile design. Basket weave refers to the alternating colors in the pattern that resemble a basket weave. Basket weave can be as subtle as a tan and brown pattern surrounding a soap dish or as complex as a black and white contrast to create a modernistic feel to the bathroom tile floor. Basket weave is typically done with small tiles.


Chair Rail

A chair rail is a great way to add a ledge or break in a wall of tile. This can help to break up the monotony of a large wall full of tile. Chair rail can be added as borders around soap dishes and alcoves as well to create a unique ledge that make the tile design really stand out in relief from conventional flat tile. Chair railing goes especially well with travertine or porcelain tiles.


Alternating Insets

When square tiles are set on an angle, they take on a unique diamond shape that helps to set off any boring or bland conventional tile design. By alternating insets in the centers of the diamonds with an alternating smaller piece, you can create an opulent design for an affordable price.

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