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Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Tiles

Our lastest project Wall Sandstone Tiles.

Color : White Color.

Size : 2 cm Thickness and 3 cm Thickness

Texture : Smooth White

Product : Sandstone tiles, Real sandstone white special color.


Sandstone products provide the durability that’s required for walls. Moreover, the natural appearance of sandstone tiles make these materials excellent for interior and exterior.

Sandstone tiles is composed of rock grains or fine sized mineral. Basically the basic portions of sandstone are quartz and feldspar, these being the most typical minerals based in the earth’s crust. Since sandstone is distinctively created by character, it’s highly resistant against weathering. Furthermore, sandstone could be associated with a color, but the most typical colors are whitened, yellow and whitened, and brown with yellow-colored shade. Since sandstone is created in in-land rivers and ponds, visible fossil designs are assumed, departing unique imprints and fashions on its surface. As a result, each sandstone tile is distinct in the others.


Sandstone tile is usually quarried from the deposit. The recognition of sandstone as has spread worldwide and it is demand from customers has equally elevated too. Generally, sandstone is quarried in large blocks, where it’s further finished for specific programs. The architectural worth of sandstone is definitely extensive as possible used as archways, door surrounds, benches, large posts, and several other exterior programs. Probably the most common kinds of sandstone range from the Golden Palimo, Yellow Palimanan, Eco-friendly Sandstone, and Whitened Sandstone. Golden Palimo is okay-grained which allows an even and clean surface finish. Yellow Palimanan can also be fine-grained, but is much more yellow-colored colored than Golden Palimo. Eco-friendly Sandstone can also be fine-grained, but is greenish colored as opposed to the other kinds of sandstone. Finally, the Whitened Palimo is creamy whitened colored and it is well suited for an even and clean cut finish. These various kinds of sandstone can be used for pool coping, flooring, and striking wall application. Furthermore, these can be found in different finishing like sawn cut, honed, and rose bush hammered.