Swimming Pool Construction Tips

Swimming Pool Construction Tips

Few things are as refreshing as a cool swim on a hot day in a pool. Most people however will often fail to appreciate the work that goes into swimming pool construction. From the marking out of the pool site to the digging to the actual building and installation of the pumping equipment, laying of the tiles and final cosmetic touches, building a good pool is a big undertaking but professionals will often be able to carry out the entire process painlessly and within a short time. Some people will opt to try the construction themselves but this is only advisable if you are qualified and have experience in the same.


Swimming pool construction takes place over several stages which we shall look into in detail belowPool layout and design- This is where a pool location is selected and marked out. This has to be done carefully and with a lot of consideration on legal repercussions of sinking the pool e.g. city by-laws. The main considerations made include land elevation, existing plumb and electrical lines, and surrounding landscape, house and estate regulations. Once all this is cleared, then the contractor moves onExcavating and laying concrete shell- Once the pool has been approved by all authorities, pool construction commences with excavating of dirt and giving the pool shape up to the required depth. You may need to seal of the site if you have young kids. Once authorities inspect the pool , concrete is put in to form a shell for the poolElectricals plumbing and tiling- After pouring concrete, your tile choice is put in and the plumbing is installed for conducting the water in and out. The next stage of swimming pool construction is having an electrician put in the necessary wiring and conduits. It’s important for you to keep a copy of the schematics for all these workDecking-Form work and layouts begins on the decking once the electrical fittings are done. Your choices will most likely be between a paver and concrete deck. Installing each has its own process and your contractor will provide the details and make your choice much easier. Consider any extra lines you may want put in for watering plants around the poolFiltration equipment- After the deck has been completed; the filter and pumps are put in to await the final hookup by a qualified electrician. This applies also for the switches and automation gearThe interior finish- This is the cosmetic finishing of your pool. Be sure to ask for the best available as finishes are not the same quality. Exposed aggregate and marcite are the standards.
An important part of swimming pool construction is the tiling that you get to put in. Ensure you don’t skimp as it can make or break your pool both functionally and aesthetically .It’s a good idea to source the tiles from specialists who deal specifically in pool tiles so that you can have the guarantee of quality that only a specialist can guarantee for top notch swimming pool construction.



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