How to Tiling Your Swimming Pools?

How to Tiling Your Swimming Pools?

How to tiling your swimming pools? If you who have a swimming pool on your property, then you will certainly realize that you can improve the appearance of the standard pool lining material by laying tiles on top of it. The installation of colorful or mosaic tiles can result in the creation of a beautiful swimming environment. Tiling is not a simple process and therefore, you will, firstly, have to learn how to do it.

In fact, before you can learn how to tiling your swimming pools, you will, firstly, have to look for special, waterproof swimming pool tiles. Buying the right type tiles for your swimming pool is an important part of the tiling process, and you can even find them at local garden and home stores. However, it will be a lot more convenient to buy tiles for your swimming pool from a quality online source.

Once you have purchased the tiles you can begin the tiling process.

1. Your pool will have to be drained first, and you can use a submergible pump for this purpose. It is better if you drain out all the water so you can comfortably stand in the pool and especially if you plan to tile the whole pool.

2. The surface of the pool where you will be installing the tiles will have to be cleaned. Ordinary dish soap and warm water can be used for this purpose. This way, the swimming pool surface will become free of chemicals, contaminants and dirt. The surface will have to be thoroughly dried then.

3. Next, cement paste will have to be spread over four to five square feet of area, one at one time. Ridges can be created in the paste by using a notched towel, which will cause the tiles to get stuck to the cement effectively.

4. The pool tiles will then have to be firmly pushed onto each of the cemented areas. Working on small areas at the time is necessary in order to prevent the cement from drying up before the tiles have been placed. A uniform edge to the tiling can be kept by temporarily screwing up a wooden board at the bottom of the rows of tiles.

5. If any of the tiles need to be cut in order to be fit into smaller areas or edges, the tiles can be prevented from breaking by using a proper tile cutter. A pencil line can be drawn at the back of tiles that need to be resized, in order to cut them accurately.

6. After you have covered the entire surface of the pool that you wanted to tile, then you will have to wait for forty-eight hours until the cement has completely dried up.

7. Finally, once the cement has completely dried up, waterproof grout will have to be applied over the joints between the tiles. It will take another forty-eight hours for the grout to dry. You can refill the pool with water and begin swimming in your tiled swimming pool.

How to tiling your swimming pools? If you follow the above steps, you will be able to tile your pool quite easily, just make sure you get the right and quality tiles.

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