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Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

Whether you’re planning on installing pool tile in your home pool or you’re the owner of a commercial resort, choosing the right pool tile for your swimming pool is crucial to its success at being an aesthetically pleasing and eye catching design that lasts throughout the years and beyond. But no matter what style of tile you choose or where you decide to put it, choosing the right pool tile design is just as important as to choosing the right tile. Use these design ideas for swimming pool tiles and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your pool design.

Creating a Blueprint | Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

While it can be tough for most of us to create a blueprint for your pool tile design, it’s in your best interests to create a simple sketch up with a few accurate dimensions. Make a bunch of copies and take them with you on your search for the perfect pool tile. Whether you’re looking at your favorite tiles in the store or online, drawing a simple sketch and putting your improvised plan down on paper can help you to visualize patterns and designs and how they are incorporated into your pools design and dimensions.

Borders and CopingSwimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

Borders and Coping

The top of the pool where the water line meets the edge of a pool is considered the border area of the pool. Whether you’re tiling your entire pool from sides to bottom or you’re just creating a border, this area of pool tile is often considered separate from other pool tile areas. The top of the tile that’s curved and meets the sides of the pool on one side and the top of the deck on the other is referred to as coping or edging. In between the bottom tile and the coping, mosaics and patterned tile often comes into play. Choose a border, mosaic and coping edge that matches your buildings color and structural details as this part of the pool is the most visible.

Mosaics and Patterns | Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

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Continuous patterns and mosaics are certainly not limited to the border perimeter of the swimming pool. More often than not, the deep end or center of a pool contains a mosaic or design, as this styling is becoming more and more popular with residential and commercial swimming pool tile designs. Mosaics can be hand crafted on site, custom installed to create one of a kind work of art. Mosaics can also come direct from the factory, ready to be installed on site. A mesh backing is applied to the tiles at the factory, holding them in place until the mosaic is installed in place by the pool tile installer. Patterns can also be installed in one continuous roll or sheet. These factory direct border pattern sheets can make installation and labor costs dramatically decrease.

Accessorize the Design

Accessories like pool depth markers, no running/ diving tiles and step markers are all a must have when it comes to commercial pool structures, but they are certainly not limited to their use. Residential swimming pools can benefit from these unique tile accessories as well.

Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas