Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are great for your patio, deck or swimming pool area. These easy to install tiles are great for all outdoor spaces that are exposed to the wind, sun, rain and cold. But not all tiles are the same. With the right outdoor tiles, you can have the perfect outdoor sanctuary for your favorite outdoor activities and spaces. Use this informative guide to outdoor tiles and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your outdoor space and design.

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Characteristics of Outdoor Tiles

When looking for the right tile for your outdoor space, you need to take into account a few characteristics of a good and reliable outdoor tile product. With all of these characteristics in the tile you choose for your outdoor space, you’ll be sure to have a tile that will look good and last for years to come.

·        Moisture Absorption Rate-The moisture absorption rate of a tile can make it so that water can infiltrate the interior of the tile. If the moisture absorption rate is over .05 percent, then it is too high to work outdoors without causing future damages like cracks and breaks. Ceramic and stone tiles have a low enough water absorption rate that they will last for years to come without cracking or breaking.

·        Strength-Durability and strength are important factors when it comes to choosing an outdoor tile. Look for a high temperature kiln fired tile to get a super strong outdoor tile with a protective glass surface. Look for a through-bodied porcelain tile for extra durability and strength in high trafficked areas.

·        Texture-Because outdoor tiles are susceptible to wet and icy conditions, keeping the surface of the tiles as textured as possible will allow the user to gain purchase when traction isn’t so good. Always get an outdoor tile that is textured to prevent slips and falls. Smaller tiles help to create purchase underfoot by having more grout lines per square foot.

·        Sizes-While sizes aren’t necessarily defined to a certain set of standards; it’s often a good idea to keep to smaller tiles when areas under the tiles are not as level as they should be. If larger tiles are going to be used, then it’s a good idea to create a flat substrate for the work to prevent tiles from settling unevenly, causing future cracks and breaks in the tiles.

·        Colors-When choosing a color for your outdoor tile, it’s in your best interests to choose a color that is a neutral earthy tone. Dark colors also help to prevent stains and blemishes from showing up onto the tiles surface. Trees overhead that drop seasonal leaves can stain light colored tiles easily. Grout colors should be darker than the tile as grout tends to stain even worse than tiles.

·        Designs- A good outdoor tile design starts with a matching architectural design. Choose a color and design theme that matches the existing structures around the outdoor tile for a design theme that will last as long as your outdoor tile. Going neutral with your design colors can also help extend the design throughout the years.

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