How to Choose a Swimming Pool Tile to Make Your Pool Unique

How to Choose a Swimming Pool Tile to Make Your Pool Unique.


Whether you are choosing a swimming pool tile for your pool surround or a tile that you can use to line your concrete or gunite pool, the TTouch company in Thailand has an incredible range for you to choose from. Gone are the days when you were limited to brick paving or a quarry tile for the surround. Gone are the days when you were limited to a plaster finish. Go have a look at what TTouch has to offer. You won’t be sorry. TTouch has had a huge impact on the market worldwide, particularly in terms of the swimming pool tile options for lining pools. In fact there are many people who maintain that TTouch has reinvented the swimming pool. Certainly their products have reinvented the way that pool areas are finished. If you look at traditional swimming pools you will see that they are either made of cast concrete or handpacked concrete, with gunite (which involves a high pressure shotcrete process), or in the form of a fibreglass shell or vinyl lining. While TTouch products may be used as a beautifully good looking surround for all these pool types, it is only concrete and gunite pools that can be lined with the company’s gorgeous handmade ceramic tiles. TTouch, which has been manufacturing top quality pool tiles for nearly half a century (since 1960 in fact), has taken the lead in terms of manufacturing interior tiles for swimming pools. Their premier range is the GP-Crystal look tiles (which are glazed premium tiles) that are frequently used in classy resorts and prestigious spas and hotels – and not only in pools, but on kitchen and bathroom walls as well. This particular tile is a handmade ceramic unit that is environmentally friendly, non toxic (it’s approved by the MTEC) and amazingly durable. The reason it is suitable for use in swimming pools is largely due to the fact that it doesn’t absorb more than 1% water. This is because the tiles are fired at very high temperatures, between 1250 °C and 1300 °C. The tiles also have an incredibly unique colour that looks totally natural. When you see these amazing tiles used as a lining for pool floors and walls, you will immediately understand why TTouch describes them as "crystal look" tiles. The company produces different sized tiles (from really quite tiny to huge) and manufactures tiles that will give your pool a completely different appearance. The impact is that the pool surface in the water will look crystal clear, because the glaze used during manufacture of the tiles results in a finish that is shiny and the colour very precise. Better still tiles come in different colours, from pearl white to deep sea blue. You can choose. You can have a look at the different tiles and also look at what they look like in the water. At the end of the day, a really good swimming pool tile from TTouch will enable you to create a really beautiful pool which will make you proud of your investment.

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